Camp Activities

There are so many things to do at Hidden Bay! During each day our day is broken into 5 different activity blocks.


In the morning campers will participate in an ACE activity, somewhere they will go every day during that time and follow a set program to help them ACE that ability. Campers sign up for their ACES prior to coming to camp.

In the afternoon, campers will participate in REC activities. These are more of a free choice period, each day campers will decide where they want to spend their time. A different selection of RECs are available each day. If a group of campers wish to participate in a REC not offered that day, they can work with the staff to find a way to participate in it.


Learn to build a shelter, start a fire and find your way with a map and compass. Explore the woods and learn about basic outdoor survival skills. Spend time in our wetland exploring the animals and plants that are live on our shoreline.


Learn to paddle a canoe or kayak, do rescues and go and explore the far reaches of Lake Shebeshekong and the Shebeshekong River. Get a chance to try out our paddle boards a learn how to paddle a new type of boat.


Make the thing that has been living in your imagination. Stocked with beads, yarn, paints and all sorts of supplies, work on your own project or try something new with our planned craft kits.


Find your inner Merida, Katniss or Hawkeye and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Refine your skills and find out if you can hit the bullseye!


Have fun playing volleyball, beach soccer or capture the flag, or maybe try out a Hidden Bay original game like Splash Tag, Deichball or Cricket. It’s all about having fun and playing team games!


Can you make a marble roll uphill, make it through the spider web or cross the Wizard’s Walk? These are all Leader Development activities that you can participate to build your leadership skills.


Come on in, the water’s fine! Learn the basics of having fun in the lake. With team games, personal challenges and learning, there is fun for swimmers of all levels in the lake.


Feeling dramatic? Be part of a camp production, it could be a retelling of an old story, an original work, or maybe a talent show, it’s all up to you!


Sing your heart out! Every night the whole camp gathers at the campfire to sing, laugh and share the very best songs Hidden Bay has collected over the years.


A Hidden Bay original! Gather with the whole camp and learn about leadership skills and listen to your fellow campers and share what you know about being a great leader.


All bets are off during the weekend at Hidden Bay. Build a fort in your cabin, cook your dinner over the fire, play Minute to Win It games and sleep out in the forest at camp. Stay for two weeks and experience a whole new side of Hidden Bay.