Daily Schedule

A Day at Camp

At HBLC our programming is all based around leadership, and our daily schedule offers different opportunities to learn leadership.

Every day your camper will participate in a number of activities, including Pond Time and Goal Setting, in addition to traditional camp activities, including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, archery, leaders development, arts & crafts, dance & drama and games & sports.

Each morning your camper will get up, enjoy a quick warmup game, and Freshie, an optional but encouraged morning dip in the lake. After that they will have a nutritious breakfast and head back to their cabins to tidy up and get ready for the day’s activities.

Once our day campers have arrived, everyone will meet at the flag pole where we will sing O Canada, introduce our theme of the day, a leadership concept that all the day’s activities will be based around. Also at flagpole, we recognize one camper who has embodied the theme of the day to raise the flag. They will then head to Pond Time where a counsellor will lead the group in a discussion of the theme of the day and encourage all of our campers to embody that theme through their activities that day. Our themes of the day can range widely, but include CRRC3, integrity, enthusiasm, teamwork, optimism, trust, perseverance and others.

After Pond Time campers will head back to their cabin and working with their cabin counsellor to set goals for the day. Following goal setting, we start on our ACE activities. ACE activities are something your camper will go to for three mornings in a row with the goal of “Ace-ing” the skill. You and your camper will select their ACEs before they camp.

Lunch is held at 12 and from when lunch ends until 1:30 your camper will have Quiet Hour. During this time your camper may read, write letters, journal, nap or work on crafts. The one request is that campers keep a general quiet through the camp which will allow those who require it, a chance to get a mid-day recharge.

For the rest of the day your camper will participate in a range of different camp activities. In the afternoon campers will have their choice of REC activities. These are more of a free choice period, each day campers will decide where they want to spend their time. A different selection of RECs are available each day. If a group of campers wish to participate in a REC not offered that day, they can work with the staff to find a way to participate in it.

When afternoon programming is complete for the day, your camper will head down to the lake to enjoy our daily beach party. During this time your camper can swim, use the canoes, kayaks & paddleboards, or sit on the docks and read a book or work on a bracelet. If there is interest, your camper may choose to join in on one of our beach games during this time.

Dinner is at 6 pm and is followed by an evening Pond Time to have a deeper discussion of the day’s theme and reflect on how our activities during the day may have helped in understanding the theme better. After this, we switch to our evening fun program, which includes a campwide game and campfire. As the sun starts setting we have our evening flagpole and then off to bed for Vespers, our evening cabin programming. Lights out starting at 9:30 gives everyone a chance to get a good night’s sleep.


7:30 am Wakeup & Freshie
8:00 am Breakfast
8:45 am Flag Pole, Pond Time & Goal Setting
9:30 am Activity 1
10:45 am Activity 2
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Quiet Hour
1:30 pm Activity 3
2:30 pm Activity 4
3:30 pm Snack


4:00 pm Activity 5
4:30 pm Day Camp Departure
5:00 pm Beach Party/ Free Time
6:00 pm Dinner
6:45 pm Pond Time
7:15 pm Campwide Game
8:00 pm Campfire
8:45 pm Flag Pole &

Getting Ready for Bed

9:00 pm Vespers
9:30 pm Lights Out