Our facilities at Hidden Bay provide a comfortable, outdoor environment for campers to learn and play.

Carnegie Hall

Built in 2007, Carnegie Hall is our dining hall, a space for large group indoor activities and staff accommodations, for up to 45 people. The large covered porch is great for group activities, and outdoor dining options.


At the waterfront we have two permanent docks and two floating docks. We also have a dragon boat, 6 paddle boards, 12 canoes, and 12 kayaks (solo and tandem). A large sandy beach allows for a beach volleyball court, and a great place for other sports.


There are 4 tent-cabins, or Tabins as we call them, located on each of the boys’ and girls’ sides of camp. With a permanent roof and built on a platform, each tent-cabin has up to 8 beds in bunk-bed style.

Activity Cabins

There are two activity cabins, a CIT cabin and three staff cabins on the site.


There are 3 sets of outdoor washrooms. There is one girl’s side and another on boy’s side. Each of these washrooms has two private toilets and a private shower. There is also a central washroom block, with three toilets and two showers.