Leadership Pathway

We have developed a series of age appropriate and fun filled camp sessions that promote the development of character and leadership skills.

In an environment that promotes courtesy, respect, responsibility, confidence, caring and compassion (CRRC3) we challenge campers to think for themselves, make good choices, set goals, make plans, problem solve and take responsibility for their actions.

Campers can start at Hidden Bay at any age from 6 to 15. Our program can teach has age-appropriate leadership skills in any session. For campers who have attended before, and will be 14 or 15 by the end of the calendar year, we offer a Leader in Training (LIT) program. For campers who wish to become a counsellor, and will be 16 by the end of the calendar year we have the Counsellor in Training (CIT) program.

Day Camp (6-12 years of age)

Daily Leadership Experience: These 5-day sessions are recommended for campers who live near Hidden Bay who want to have fun and learn leadership but want to sleep in their own bed each night.

Day campers are will be divided into “cabin groups” with other day campers similar in age, follow the camp schedule and participate in programs with overnight campers.

A nutritious lunch and a snack are provided.

Campers have the option to stay overnight on a Thursday (additional fee), with campers their own age. This gives day campers a chance to try out overnight camp for a night and experience the evening program, campfire and freshie in the morning!

Sessions run from Monday to Friday every week in July and August.

One-week Sessions (7 – 15 years of age)

Introduction to Leadership Camp: These 6 day-5 night sessions are recommended for young or first time campers to encourage them to participate in a variety of activities and have fun.

They will have the opportunity for daily swimming, campfires, camp wide games as well as personal choice of other activities. Campers will be introduced to the concept of leadership, discover the value of CRRC3 and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

Sessions run from Sunday to Friday in July and August.

Two-week Sessions (8 – 15 years of age)

Developing Leadership Skills: These 13 day (12 night) sessions are recommended for campers 11 to 13 years to extend and enrich their camp experience and challenge them to grow by focusing on the development of skills and leadership qualities.

In addition to fun packed days and the choice of great activities, they are offered daily sessions on leadership as well as more opportunities to earn certificates for personal skill achievement in swimming, canoeing, archery and wilderness training.

Campers will also have the option to participate in an overnight cook-out and camping experience over the weekend at camp!

Session run concurrently with one week sessions and from Sunday to the following Friday in July and August.

Leaders in Training (LIT) (For campers who will be 14 or 15 by the end of the calendar year)

Practicing Practical Leadership: In addition to two weeks of camp fun, this session is designed to build on previous camp experiences and provide opportunities to not only understand what leadership looks like, but to practice the attitudes and skills that are required to become a leader.

Campers are encouraged to think for themselves, make good choices, set goals, make plans, problem solve, and take responsibility. LIT will help campers develop confidence and self-esteem and a belief in their potential.

Campers spend 13 days (12 nights) immersed in activities that provide opportunities for them to learn about team building and leadership development. They have opportunities to explore the qualities of good leadership, and the values that make leaders great. They will be offered opportunities to plan and lead games, and learn to instruct activities for younger campers with the support and coaching of staff members.

An overnight canoe trip provides opportunities for group planning as well as illustrates the need for building good relationships in order to ensure a successful project.

Personal achievement in skill development will be promoted through training in Paddle Canada, Royal Lifesaving Society, and Wilderness skills.

Session runs for the first two weeks in August.

Counsellors in Training (CIT) (For campers who will be 16 by the end of the calendar year)

Applying Leadership Skills: This is a four-week opportunity for experienced campers and graduates of our LIT session to learn how to transition from camper to the responsibilities of Counsellor.

CIT campers will spend the first two weeks learning how to be counsellor, including leadership theories, programming planning and supporting campers, while also having fun with camp activities. CITs will shadow senior counsellors and get a chance to begin planning their program while also building skills proficiency in the different areas of camp.

For the second two weeks, CITs will get the chance to apply these skills as they assist in cabins, co-lead activities and run campwide activities like campfire. During this time they will get support and feedback from Senior Counsellors to ensure that at the end of the session they have all the skills to work as a camp counsellor the next summer.

This program is ideal for those wanting the opportunity to work as a camp counsellor. There are a limited number of spaces available. If interested, please fill out the online application form.


We invite graduates of our CIT program, who will be 17 by the end of the calendar year to return to Hidden Bay to utilize their camp experience and training to work in a supported role with an experienced Counsellor. In this way they gain the experience they require to become a successful and confident senior Counsellor who is able to work independently, role model camp values, and successfully support and communicate with others. This is a paid position.


Our priority is to employ individuals who have grown up at Hidden Bay Leadership Camp, who have participated in our leadership development sessions and are enthusiastic about sharing the values and traditions that they have learned. This is a competitively paid position.